Commercial Solutions

You Can't Manage What You Don't Measure

Portion Control

ACP's dissolvable pacs are designed specifically to their container (spray bottle, mop bucket, machine). This precise measurement allows you to manage chemical mixing at its most efficient.

Inventory Control

Once you have portion control, ACP's flexible packaging allows you to consistently measure inventory so you never have more or less chemical than you need and you can manage your chemical budget.

Process Control

Once you have inventory control, ACP allows you to measure process control. Since you have the correct inventory, any deviation instantly uncovers any cleaning process issues, allowing you to constantly manage your cleaning quality and maximize your investment.

Mixing is as easy as...

Also for use in...

Safe & Simple Packaging

Color-coded ChemPacs, packaging and labeling with large product ID number ensure easy employee training and proper product selection

ChemPacs are packaged in recloseable bags in box, jars and child resistant vials

Color-coded, labeled, 32 oz bottles and trigger sprayers are available for all quart dilution products

Custom Cleaning Kits

Aqua ChemPacs provides the best cleaning system available, and we have a solution that lets us ship products right to your door, nationwide. You get just the cleaning products you need, when you need them.

We analyze your cleaning requirements and work with you to create custom cleaning kits for your stores or buildings. Our lightweight ChemPacs ship by UPS to each location, ready to store in your janitor's closet.

By shipping direct, we can provide complete records of each location's usage, so you can fix your costs and control your inventory.

Large or small. Aqua ChemPacs can create a cleaning kit perfect for your needs.

This custom kit created for big box retail stores contains 3 months of cleaning supplies in 1 box! What's in your janitors closet?

What's in your janitor's closet?

Conventional Cleaners


Water-Soluble ChemPacs

• Zero waste, zero spills

• Job site portion control. No costly complicated proportioning devices needed.

• Easy product identification.

• Minimal space requirement.

• Minimal training time.

• No exposure to harsh concentrates.

• Customized, instructional wallcharts.

ChemPacs provide the cleanest, simplest, most cost-effective, non-mechanical approach to sanitary maintenance!